About Us


Established in 1988 by David and Charlotte Caldwell, Mystic Hill Farms lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Culpeper County, Va. Mystic Hill is located near Brandy Station, an area named for a stagecoach stop that was famous for serving apple brandy. The Battle of Brandy Station, also called the Battle of Fleetwood Hill, was the largest predominantly cavalry engagement of the American Civil War, as well as the largest ever to take place on American soil. Likewise, the history of Mystic Hill is centuries old, having been settled in 1794 by the Payne family, who worked the land as Bleak Hill Farm until the 1930s.

After purchasing the farm, the Caldwell’s not only maintained the existing Arabian horse breeding operation, but they also increased the total farm acreage while developing a high-quality Angus and a commercial cattle herd. The Caldwell’s also had built a successful herd of Arabian Show horses including the famous stallion Navarre who won several Grand Champion awards.

Mystic Hill Farms operates over 800 acres in and around the hallowed ground of the Brandy Station battlefields. On this beautiful farmland are numerous shade trees for the cattle, wild turkeys and deer.

Today, the Caldwell’s Daughter, Kathy, Grandson David joined together with a dedicated staff to continue the excellence of what customers expect from Mystic Hill Farms for the past 30 years.

Our Commitment

  • To produce superior Seedstock developed under real-world conditions.
  • To breed quality registered Angus cattle that meet the needs of successful cattlemen in the beef industry.
  • To provide high level customer service to both old and new customers, now and in the future.

Genetics Program

Since 1988, The Mystic Hill Farms Program has been focused on raising elite genetics and a practical pure-bred model that fits their customer’s needs. Our top shelf females have been the foundation of successful cattle sales across the country. Our breeding bulls are carefully selected using the latest DNA technology to validate the genetics that we continue to build around. The integrity of our breeding program is measured by repeat customers.

Our Cattle

Mystic Hill is currently home to about 250 head of high performance Angus  pure-bred cattle. Heifers and cows are synchronized and bred by Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transplants, then sorted into breeding groups for natural service. Cows that have become superior producers are selected as embryo donors to increase their influence on the herd. Low input, practical cattle production systems serve as the foundation of Mystic Hill cattle management.

Why Angus Cattle?

The Angus is a breed that compliments its calving ease with vigorous growth from birth to harvest. Their ability to produce a high-quality carcass, with increased marbling, puts Angus beef as the top choice for consumers. The real advantage of the Angus breed is a combination of genetics, information, marketing and — most importantly — community.

Our Employees


David Chevalier


Kathy Leader


Fernando Sanchez


Dave Mullins