Our Commitment
To produce superior seedstock developed under real-world conditions.

To breed quality registered Angus, Braunvieh and Angus x Braunvieh composite cattle that meet the needs of cattlemen in the beef industry.

To provide high level customer service to both old and new customers, now and in the future.

Our Cattle
Mystic Hill is currently home to about 1,000 head of cattle. In 2012, Mystic Hill calved 325 Angus, 125 head of Braunvieh cows, along with more than 75 purebred embryo transplants. Heifers and cows are synchronized and bred AI, then sorted into breeding groups for natural service. Cows that have become superior producers are selected as embryo donors to increase their influence on the herd. Low input, practical cattle production systems serve as the foundation of Mystic Hill cattle management.

Join us for the

Angus & Braunvieh Female Dispersal Sale

May 14, 2016 - 11:00 a.m. EDT, Culpeper, Va.

Complete dispersal of Angus & Braunvieh spring calving units and mature fall calving cows. Over 300 Head Sell!

Click here for the Female Sale catalog

See videos of the Female Sale offering here

Added Lots!: Click here for the Female Sale supplement offering.

Featuring six additional females and one semen lot offered for sale.

Click here for a calf weight supplement sheet.

Sale order and additional supplements to come prior to sale day. Check back!







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